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TCP/IP Networking Source Code from InterNiche

InterNiche's Networking Source Code Offerings


Device Management

Application Support

Network Utilities

DHCPv4 Client

DNSv4 Client

TCP** / UDP**

DNSv6 Client

** Available as a pre-compiled library for select architectures.

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Why license embedded networking software from InterNiche?

Since our founding in 1989, we have understood the difficulties software engineers had dealing with networking source code that was not well documented, too large for the typical embedded processor and extremely buggy. We decided to make TCP/IP and our related software modules small, well documented and well tested so that software engineers could quickly bring new, innovative products to market. We did not know about smart phones, but we had a vision that our software would be embedded in products that are carried around by everyone. Today our stacks are shipped in a little over 80% of the smart phones sold worldwide. Our software is used in so many different products that we can't begin to count them but, our goal is still the same: we want to help you get to market quickly, with exceptionally good embedded networking software. We love making software work more efficiently and this is why we come to work every day. Let us help your product development excel.

Source Code or Libraries? We offer both.

Networking for Embedded Processors

All we have ever done is provide embedded operating systems and networking software for embedded, connected devices. We don't count copies of products because we use a paid-up royalty model, but we DO count customers. Our licensees are some of the largest and smallest companies on the planet. Names you might recognize include GE, Tyco, Siemens, Qualcomm, Broadcom and many others. NicheStack™ embedded protocols have been deployed in automotive communications systems, cell phones, medical equipment, consumer electronics, wireless devices, industrial process control, DSL modems, routers, satellite applications and countless others.

Integrated solutions

Understanding that developers need flexibility in their software components, InterNiche offers several flavors of operating systems, from a simple super loop, through a pre-emptive RTOS and a broad range of protocol implementations that can be integrated with third-party operating systems so that you only license exactly what your need for your project. Between our operating systems, protocol stacks, USB offerings and our FAT File system, InterNiche offers all of the building blocks for you to develop your network enabled products.

What Makes InterNiche Unique?

Perhaps the most important thing that makes us special is that we offer you a choice between pre-compiled object libraries and source code, all written in "C". Whether you want low cost libraries or more flexible source code, InterNiche knows that connected devices require specialized solutions and has developed its family of communication protocols to be portable, small and robust -- an ideal combination when supporting networking on embedded processors and microcontrollers. Whatever combination of capabilities your networked devices require, InterNiche's small footprint connectivity, security and networking application source code modules will easily fit your embedded design. All InterNiche software is supplied with examples and complete documentation so there is no guesswork about how to integrate or use it, and if you have questions then we are here to answer them.

Support for Legacy Operating Systems

All InterNiche modules are completely portable and can be integrated into legacy systems in a very straightforward manner, making it easy to add networking capabilities to your well-established products. Our protocols can run with commercial RTOSes, a simple task scheduler or no OS at all.

Royalty Free, TCP/IP Source Code

Whether your product requires TCP/IPv4, IPv6, SNMP agent support, an HTTP Server, Secure Communications or PPP or any of our other modules, InterNiche's small-footprint and RFC compliant modules are easy to integrate into your design. Written in portable ANSI C and designed for use on a wide range of RTOS and CPU architectures, InterNiche's products are available under royalty-free license terms, include complete and user friendly documentation and highly responsive support services, which includes access to technical experts via email, web, FAX and telephone.

Right for Your Platform

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All InterNiche software is royalty-free, delivered as "C" source code or object libraries and optimized for maximum performance and minimum memory footprint on the highly integrated VLSI at the heart of today's device designs. With or without our operating systems, NicheStack™ and our other protocol products are engineered for rapid, seamless integration with best-in-class development environments for all of today's high-performance microcontroller architectures. The combination of smooth integration and low run-time overhead specifically addresses the challenges faced by device development teams by offering proven networking capability and manageability targeted at a low cost system implementation.

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