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InterNiche Customers Include:
InterNiche Customers Include ... InterNiche Customers Include ...
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Higher levels of silicon integration have reduced cost barriers to the inclusion of network capable hardware in device designs, but achieving the benefits of connectivity in the multiplicity of potential application spaces requires reliable device networking software. InterNiche is the premier specialist provider of internet protocol software stacks and networking expertise specifically targeted at connected device implementations. InterNiche offers a broad range of royalty-free TCP/IP protocol suites, delivered as "C" source code and optimized for maximum performance and minimum memory footprint on the highly integrated VLSI at the heart of today's device designs. With no ties to proprietary operating systems and tool chains, NicheStack™ and other protocol products are engineered for rapid, seamless integration with best-in-class development environments for each VLSI architecture family. The combination of smooth integration and low run-time overhead specifically addresses the challenges faced by device development teams by offering proven networking capability and manageability targeted at a low cost system implementation.

At the core of the company's product offerings is NicheStack - a fully compliant TCP/IPv4 suite of protocols for device connectivity that is engineered for performance and portability. The InterNiche IP layer can be configured as a client machine, an IP router or a multi-home server. NicheStack is extended for the future internet with a unique dual protocol IPv4/IPv6 implementation that can support mixed traffic, IPv4 tunneling, or can be configured to support IPv4 or IPv6 traffic alone. For the most "resource constrained" applications, NicheLite™ is an RFC-compliant TCP/IP implementation requiring less than 12K bytes of ROM. Above each of these foundation layers, added features and functions can be built from higher level protocol packages. These include SNMP v1/2c/3, DHCP, NAT, DNS, Web servers, email and security protocols.

At InterNiche, we believe that contributing to your success means more than just developing great product technology. That's why we also offer specialist networking expertise and resources with a track record in connected device implementations that can help your team get ahead in the product development race.

The InterNiche customer list includes companies such as ABB, Acer, AT&T Wireless, Dell Computer Corp., Ericsson, Green Hills Software, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, Intel, Mitsubishi, Motorola, NEC, Polycom, Pitney Bowes, Raytheon, Siemens, Volvo and hundreds more. Each of these companies selected InterNiche because they evaluated the products and supporting services as representing the best specialist technical and business value available for their device development requirements.

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