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Pre-Compiled FTP Server for Embedded Designs

embFTP Library - Key Features

  • Flexible server configuration, including ability to limit number of active sessions
  • Integrates with customer-specific username/password database
  • DEBUG and NON-DEBUG versions of libraries
  • Command Line Interface versions of API commands
  • Easy integration with your own file system
  • Supports multiple users
  • Example program demonstrates all key features
  • Simultaneous IPv4 + IPv6 Operation (if running embDual)

embFTP™ - Small Footprint Embedded FTP Server Library

embFTP is a small footprint embedded FTP Server ideally suited for remote access to files on your embedded device. With this add-on to embTCP or embDUAL you can: retrieve and clear logfiles, upload configuration files, provide updated ROM images or webpages to your deployed devices, and automate almost any of the mananagement tasks required by your product.

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