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Pre-Compiled HTTP Server for Embedded Designs

embHTTP™ Server Highlights

  • Economical Web server for device management and control
  • Supports HTTP/1.1, with persistent connections, multi-part forms and "chunking"
  • Dynamic content with SSI and CGI style active hooks
  • Supports both Basic and Digest authentication
  • Easy integration with your own file system
  • Example applications demonstrate all key features and AJAX support.
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This product is ideal if you:

  • Want to use commercial browsers to check device status
  • Want a simple and elegant way to serve variable information
  • Develop your own CGI code to process form data
  • Want XML reports from your embedded device
  • Want an AJAX interface for your application
  • Want to use HTTP to upload data or program images to your deployed product
  • Want to replace the system console with a web-application
  • Want to do all of the above in 15K bytes of code

embHTTP™ is a full HTTP 1.1 library, derived from InterNiche's Embedded HTTP Server and licensed as an object library. It has been designed for use in low-volume prototype applications or by developers (and budgets) where source code is not appropriate.

The ideal embedded web server is more than just a software module that responds to http requests. It is also one that was designed, built and tested with a thorough understanding of what it means to operate in a resource constrained environment. It implements the most current RFCs and provides all of the features, tools and security necessary to develop and field a robust product worthy of your company's name and reputation.

InterNiche's embHTTP Server provides all of these and does so in a object library that can be combined with InterNiche’s embTCP. A file system is not provided with embHTTP but provides access to files stored in a local physical or virtual file system. These files may include embedded function calls for the creation of dynamic content which are executed as the file is converted to an HTTP stream. With this approach, the web server offers an economical implementation that addresses common embedded system limitations, such as limited ROM/RAM and the absence of a "shell" for execution of CGI requests. Sample application code is provided to demonstrate how to control and format dynamically generated information. The HTTP server is also capable of uploading data, device image or configuration files to the embedded device.

embHTTP is licensed to a single processor and toolchain combination, though once licensed it may be used by that individual or organization for any number of products or configurations.

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