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Networking Protocol Software for Embedded Processors
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Pre-Compiled Telnet Server for Embedded Designs

embTelnet Highlights

  • Flexible server configuration, including ability to limit number of active sessions
  • Integrates with customer-specific username/password database
  • DEBUG and NON-DEBUG versions of libraries
  • Command Line Interface versions of API commands
  • Very thorough example program, demonstrating use of multiple connections and menu system interaction
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embTelnet™ is a Telnet Server provided as a linkable library, derived from InterNiche's Embedded Telnet Server and licensed as an object library. It has been designed for use in low-volume prototype applications or by developers (and budgets) where source code is not appropriate.

embTelnet is licensed to a single processor and toolchain combination, though once licensed it may be used by that individual or organization for any number of products or configurations.