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IoT? MQTT? Security? Yes.

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NicheStack™ MQTT Client Highlights

Enabling IoT Development

  • Full Client support of MQTT v3.1.1
  • Works with either of InterNiche's SSL implementation (optional)
  • Operates with IPv4 &/or IPv6
  • Portable to other TCP/IP implementations
  • Includes web-based demo (requires InterNiche's HTTP Server)
  • Operation can be driven programmatically &/or via CLI
  • Tested against numerous publicly accessible MQTT brokers
  • Extensive Statistics and Trace Logging for simplified debugging
  • Supports connections to multiple Brokers
  • Blocking and Non-Blocking operation of all API calls
  • Operates in "No OS", tasking and pre-emptive RTOS environments
  • Deterministic RAM footprint
  • Specifically implemented for resource constrained, embedded devices
  • No "GPL Contamination"
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Example MQTT Applications

  • "Deploy and forget" sensor fields
  • Lighting grids
  • Sprinkler control systems
  • Push-button notification systems
  • Traffic counters
  • Location tracking systems

MQTT is a small and efficient machine-to-machine protocol that passes information between clients through use of a centralized broker in a "Publish & Subscribe" architecture supporting one-to-one (unicast), one-to-many (multicast) and many-to-one (concentrator) data architectures.

The client-to-client nature of MQTT allows developers great flexibility in application design making it exceedling simple to deploy broad field sensor networks or create systems with distributed controllers and automatic failover handling.

InterNiche's MQTT was developed with the same goals and objectives used for all of our modules: memory efficiency, throughput optimization and adherence to formal specifications.

MQTT is pre-integrated with our TCP/IP and SSL implementations to provide you with a drop-in solution for your IoT development projects.

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