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IP Multicast Implementaions: MLD (IPv6) and IGMP (IPv4)

InterNiche Multicast modules are host-side, platform independent implementations of Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD versions 1 and 2) and Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP versions 1, 2 and 3). These protocols are used by IPv4 and IPv6 systems to report their IP multicast group memberships to neighboring multicast routers.

Through its support for "source filtering", InterNiche's mtulticast protocols add the ability for multicast enabled IPv4 and IPv6 applications to report interest in receiving packets from specific source addresses, from all but specific addresses or only those packets sent to a particular multicast address. This information is used by multicast routers for much more efficient control of their locally attached networks.

For IPv4 systems, InterNiche's IGMPv3 is fully compatible with IGMPv1 and IGMPv2, automatically adapting to older versions if they are detected on the network. Similarly, for IPv6 applications InterNiche's MLDv2 will step 'down' to MLDv1 if older versioned implementations are detected.

Key Product FeaturesIGMP (IPv4)MLD (IPv6)
Core Multicast RFCRFC 3376RFC 3810
Host-Side FunctionalityYesYes
Multicast Socket Option APIYes
RFC 3493
RFC 3678
Backward compatible with earlier versions and specificationsYes
IGMPv1 = RFC 1112
IGMPv2 = RFC 2236
MLDv1 = RFC 3678
Implements Source FilteringYesYes
Supports Router Alert optionYesYes
Includes detailed Technical Reference ManualYesYes
Command Line Interface availableYesYes

Product Note: IGMPv1 and IGMPv2 are included with NicheStack IPv4 and NicheStack Dual.

InterNiche is the specialist in royalty-free embedded TCP/IP protocols optimized for maximum performance and minimum memory footprint and are provided as source code. NicheStack IPv4 and IPv6 products are engineered for smooth integration and low run-time overhead to address the challenges faced by embedded system development teams in adding networking, security and management to low cost devices.

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