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Operating Systems Available From InterNiche

Whether or not you need a preemptive Operating System, InterNiche solutions are the right choice for you because our protocol modules can be easily integrated with any OS. For your convenience InterNiche offers a choice of four Operating Systems choices that are pre-integrated with all of our software modules.

Of course, if you would rather use a different Operating System, doing so is very straightforward, and we have documentation and a Porting Kit to help you with your own port.

OPENRTOS Highlights

  • Designed to be small, simple and easy to use. e.g. a ROM footprint as low as 4.5Kbytes on an ARM7
  • Preemptive, cooperative and hybrid configuration options
  • No restriction on the number of tasks & priorities that can be created.
  • No restrictions on how priorities can be assigned to tasks.
  • Powerful execution trace & stack overflow detection.
  • Binary, counting & recursive semaphores with queues and mutexes for communication and synchronization between tasks.
  • Paid up royalty license for single product or platform.

OPENRTOS™ for Preemptive Systems

The emergence of new, low cost 32-bit architectures has seen a dramatic increase in processing power and memory available to developers. OPENRTOS provides the perfect infrastructure to allow developers to focus on rapidly bringing applications to market. Based on the highly successful FreeRTOS, the programming model and API are becoming the de-facto standard on embedded platforms.

Typically requiring less than 5k ROM and fewer than 500 bytes per task, the OPENRTOS implementation is highly efficient and has the stability and integrity of software which has been compiled and deployed in tens of thousands of applications. With straightforward support and licensing models it is not only reliable and easy to use, but it is low cost and simple to buy. With support provided by dedicated professionals, OPENRTOS is the best choice you can make when you need high quality technology at a reasonable price.

SAFERTOS Highlights

  • TÜV Certified for IEC61508 compliance up to SIL-3
  • Typically requires less than 5kB ROM and fewer than 500 bytes per task RAM
  • All RAM is statically allocated to avoid memory fragmentation & improve determinism
  • Full input parameter checking
  • Stack overflow checking (at point of context switch)
  • Mirrored pointer variables
  • Error hooks for application specific safety functionality

SAFERTOS™ for Preemptive Systems

SAFERTOS™ is a robust, version of OpenRTOS, which has been independently certified by the TÜV as having been developed in compliance with IEC61508 up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3. A unique 'compliance matrix' approach allows mapping to a number of industry relevant standards such as FDA 510(k) and DO-178B. Designed with specialised features to support advanced error detection and high integrity operation, SAFERTOS reduces risk and time to market for embedded developers.

SAFERTOS is supplied with a turnkey 'Design Assurance Pack', which includes all the documentation and test vectors which 'plug-in' as part of the design evidence required for certification of the final application. With a high level of innovation, SAFERTOS brings a new standard in embedded RTOS and, whether your goal is certification or peace of mind in your mission critical software, it provides the certainty you need.

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NicheTask Highlights

  • Small, Simple Tasking System
  • Tasks explicitly yield control
  • Easily replaced with more complex systems
  • Interrupts execute in context of current task
  • Provided at no cost

NicheTask™ for Tasking Designs

NicheTask is a small and efficient tasking system ideal for use in networked, single function embedded devices. It is a round-robin tasking system in which each task runs until it voluntarily blocks. NicheTask is one of the two operating systems provided free with each of InterNiche's TCP/IP stacks and is also available as a free "standalone" download from

Superloop Highlights

  • Run-to-completion design
  • All tasks share same call stack
  • No context switching
  • Provided at no cost

Superloop for Speed and Compactness

The third type of operating environment provided by InterNiche is "a simple big loop" common in embedded designs. Each task runs to completion and is protected from reentrancy by use of a task-managed flag. Since there is only one call-stack, no context switching and the CPU is dedicated to whichever task has something to do, SuperLoop is the fastest, smallest and easiest-to-understand operating mode imaginable. SuperLoop is provided as a standard compile-time option with every InterNiche TCP/IP stack.

Specialized Assistance

Both directly and through its close technical partners, InterNiche offers expert porting and integration services for any type of system configuration required for your project. Please see our Services page for more information.