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NicheStack SNMP - Device Management Agents

SNMP v1/v2c/v3 Product Documentation

InterNiche SNMP Highlights

  • SNMPv1, v2c, and v3 trilingual embedded agents
  • Supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3 manager requests
  • Includes SNMPv3 Security
  • Dynamic tables and asynchronous support
  • Fully extensible, supports an unlimited number of MIBs
  • Integral MIB Compiler
  • Supports SET, GET, NEXT, TRAP (v1/v2), GETBULK commands
  • Compatible with all popular TCP APIs, including sockets and WinSock
  • No "GPL Contamination"
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This product is ideal if you want:

  • The confidence of using ¬†an SNMP agent that has been used in hundreds of millions of products
  • An SNMP agent that comes with a complete MIB and a MIB compiler
  • Efficient memory usage
  • A "drop in" solution
  • Quick implementation on your target
  • Complete and accurate documentation about how to implement SNMP
  • The ability to use all versions or, just one version of SNMP
  • Guaranteed compliance with underlining RFCs
  • Technical support from a competent engineering organization
  • A straight forward business model for licensing

NicheStack SNMP implements the most up-to-date set of IETF SNMP protocols in a memory-efficient, highly portable toolkit designed for OEMs and System Integrators requiring a fast, small, proven embedded SNMP agent for their embedded device support.

The NicheStack SNMP product family includes SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 agents. The comprehensive product (SNMPv3) is a multi-lingual implementation that allows the agent to communicate with a manager using any supported SNMP version (v1, v2c or v3). This capability ensures that devices support everything from SNMPv1 to the latest in user-based security and view access control provided by SNMPv3. This includes managing the coexistence of SMIv1 and SMIv2 objects and processing SNMP v1/v2c/v3 messages (PDUs).

InterNiche's SNMP architecture is highly configurable, supporting either static or dynamic table management. Tables can be populated through a configuration file, command line interface (CLI) or via SNMP itself. SNMPv3 includes support for reading tables from NVRAM.

Full support of SNMPv3's User-based Security Model (USM) is provided, with security services for Authentication, Integrity, Confidentiality and Replay protection as well as USM remote configuration. The SDK includes encryption libraries for MD5 (Message Digest 5) and DES (Data Encryption Standard), leveraging InterNiche's CryptoEngine technology for minimum overhead and easy integration with HW accelerators.

The View-based Access Control Model (VACM) is a secure methodology for managing and checking access rights to management objects. The InterNiche SNMPv3 SDK supports multiple access mechanisms with VACM as the default.

The InterNiche SNMP Agent Toolkit is fully extensible and allows for the addition of an unlimited number of MIBs and includes functional example MIBs for NicheStack™ (RFCs 1213, 2011, etc.). Enterprise-specific agents are also easily integrated and developed.

The product includes a MIB compiler which translates ASN.1 MIB specifications into C language MIB definitions, stub method templates, header declarations and OID/name documentation files. The generated C source-code stub template simplifies agent development, improves quality and speeds development. The MIB Compiler also parses and validates the MIB for erroneous conditions (duplicate values, overlapping ranges, improper OID hierarchy) and can generate validation information, which is then used by the SNMP Engine to validate objects at runtime.

InterNiche is the specialist in royalty-free embedded TCP/IP protocols optimized for maximum performance and minimum memory footprint and are provided as source code. NicheStack IPv4 and IPv6 products are engineered for smooth integration and low run-time overhead to address the challenges faced by embedded system development teams in adding networking, security and management to low cost devices.

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