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NicheStack SNTP - Time Synchronization

SNTP Product Documentation

NicheStack SNTP Highlights

  • RFC4330 implementation
  • Unicast, multicast or broadcast protocol operation
  • Configurable synchronization interval
  • Support for "kiss-of-death" message
  • Small footprint in terms of both CODE and DATA
  • Simple API
  • "Thread Safe" in multi-tasking systems
  • Runs on NicheStack and 3rd party stacks
  • Ideal for factory-floor synchronization, logfile or email time stamping, and "uptime" calculations.
  • No "GPL Contamination"
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SNTP is an effective tool for the synchronization of networked devices where accurate time stamps are important to the integrity of the network application. NicheStack SNTP is an optimized implementation of version 4 of Simple Network Time Protocol specifically engineered for the requirements of device management and networked applications.

Providing a simple API, the UDP-based SNTP client can be configured with the addresses of a number of external servers, periodically issuing synchronization requests and dynamically managing the list to ensure that busy or unresponsive servers are only queried as a last resort.

NicheStack SNTP is distributed as full ANSI "C" source code, is RFC compliant and has been extensively tested for interoperability with multiple SNTP and NTP server reference implementations.

NicheStack SNTP also includes enhancements to NicheTool, the most comprehensive debug and system optimization tool available in any commercially TCP/IP stack. Menu driven and customizable by development engineers for any added components, this very useful utility greatly assists the process of optimizing NicheStack for the memory usage and performance characteristics of the application.

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