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Additional Protocols & Application Components

To round out the functionality within NicheStack IPv4 & IPv6 products, a suite of additional software components are included to provide utility functions and to aid with stack integration and optimization. These components can be configured in or out of the final build for a given target system.

FTP Server

FTP Server - is an ultra compact implementation of a server for the FTP protocol - one of the most reliable and popular methods of file transfer. The use of the FTP server allows a system user to upgrade firmware and copy large data blocks from the embedded system efficiently and easily using standard client tools over the network. The use of FTP requires a native file system or a virtual file system such as InterNiche's Virtual File System, NicheFile™ FTP server is compliant with RFC0959 - File Transfer Protocol.

Telnet Server

A compact implementation of the Telnet server enables an embedded system to provide network accessibility for remote configuration and monitoring through a command line interface (CLI). Telnet server is completely compatible with commercial Telnet Clients (Windows, Mac, UNIX, etc.) and acts as a useful debug access mechanism for target systems. Telnet server includes support for multiple Telnet sessions and supports a generic mechanism for negotiating options, making it very easy to add support for new commands and capabilities.


In the eyes of our customers, one of the most valuable additional features of our NicheStack products is the inclusion of NicheTool. NicheTool is the most comprehensive debug and system optimization tool available in any commercially TCP/IP stack. Either available through a menu-driven interface, or accessed via debug pages of the HTTP Server, NicheTool provides complete transparency in the operation and performance of the protocol stack components and the interactions of the stack and applications. NicheTool is customizable by development engineers for any added stack or application components and this very useful utility greatly assists the process of optimizing NicheStack products for the memory usage and performance characteristics of the application system.

IP Multicast

NicheStack includes an implementation of the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP v1 and IGMP v2) supports a capability for a target system to join multicast sessions on the internet by interacting with routers to enable local multicast traffic flows. The successor to this baseline implementation is the optional IGMPv3 module.

InterNiche is the specialist in royalty-free embedded TCP/IP protocols optimized for maximum performance and minimum memory footprint and are provided as source code. NicheStack IPv4 and IPv6 products are engineered for smooth integration and low run-time overhead to address the challenges faced by embedded system development teams in adding networking, security and management to low cost devices.

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