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IPSec and IKE - Embedded Security for Networked Designs

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NicheStack IPSec/IKE Highlights

  • High-performance packet classification engine
  • Supports AH and ESP protocols
  • Supports AES (128,192,256 bits), DES and 3DES encryption algorithms
  • Supports MD5, SHA-1, SHA2 (256, 384 and 512 bits) digest algorithms
  • Message based interface for Policy and SA management
  • Asynchronous packet interface.
  • Supports pre-shared keys and X.509 certificate based authentication (RSA and DSA signatures)
  • Supports main mode, quick mode and aggressive modes
  • Supports all well-known Diffie-Hellman groups for key exchange
  • Includes InterNiche's CryptoEngine
  • Simple cipher suite expansion through the CryptoEngine
  • No "GPL Contamination"
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NicheStack IPSec and IKE are "bump in the stack" source code solutions for adding security to new or existing embedded systems. Fitting between the TCP and IP layers of an embedded protocol stack, these toolkits provide state-of-the-art secure communication, management and high performance VPN end-point capabilities to networked devices. With these toolkits the embedded device developer can quickly and easily address the three essential services of network security:

These embedded security toolkits are provided as "C" source code and are easily integrated with NicheStack™ or third-party TCP/IP implementations on a wide range of hardware and operating systems platforms. As with all InterNiche products, the implementations are specifically optimized for embedded devices with constrained resources.


InterNiche IPSec provides the bulk encryption and authentication functionality of VPNs in a modular form that provides high performance integration with the underlying IPv4 or IPv6 protocol stack. Its packet classification engine permits export of the classification tree as an XML document for validation or optimization of embedded security policies.

IKE v1/v2

InterNiche IKE is a complete implementation of the Internet Key Exchange protocol that has been based on the KAME project's Racoon2 code-base. A significant number of improvements have been made to complete a commercial quality embedded implementation, including a messaging architecture used to communicate with IPSec, a shared database for security policies and a full configuration API.

Security Subsystem

IPSec and IKE performance is largely determined by the implementation of public key cryptography algorithms. InterNiche has architected a common CryptoEngine security subsystem for its products which offers a choice of optimized software implementations of required algorithms and easy integration with available HW encryption engines. Such HW engines provide significant performance improvements, especially on low power CPUs and are recommended for applications with high throughput requirements.

InterNiche is the specialist in royalty-free embedded TCP/IP protocols optimized for maximum performance and minimum memory footprint and are provided as source code. NicheStack IPv4 and IPv6 products are engineered for smooth integration and low run-time overhead to address the challenges faced by embedded system development teams in adding networking, security and management to low cost devices.

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